Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yoga Goddesses

Here are some more shots from the amazing shoot we did for Jaquita Straw's "Fire Spirit" yoga line over the weekend. Still waiting for some close ups on the makeup, but checkout the beautiful hair done by Tiffany Giovanini. For those of you that want to book with her she is at the Mikael Padilla Salon on 3rd and Fillmore in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood.

Another fun fact from this shoot: The models really are dressed from head to toe in Straw's designs. Even the feathers in their hair was collected from chickens she raised.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Yoga Models

And here are all the lovely models from yesterday's "Fire Spirit" by Jaquita Straw shoot. Jaquita, the lovely designer, is up front showing off her beautiful designs!

"Fire Spirit" Yoga Apparel by Jaquita Straw

Hello followers and makeup lovers!
I haven't posted anything in awhile because I haven't had too many makeup projects going on. That is all changing as we get closer to the holidays. Yesterday I did a job with Anthony Archuleta and Tiffany Giovanini for talented young designer Jaquita Straw. Straw's new line of yoga clothing from Urban Tree LLC is called "Fire Spirit." Archuleta really captured this concept and the spirituality of yoga practice in his shoot at Red Rocks. Fortunately we had a beautiful day and perfect weather for this outdoor November shoot!

And here's a fun fact: All the fabrics used in "Fire Spirit" have been dyed with herb and beetle matter! What a cool process!

The designer really liked a natural and tribal aesthetic. That meant a lot of makeup fun for me! I stuck with a wide variety of earth tones for the eyes and painted on different tribal inspired patterns on the seven different models.

Seven models in an hour and a half was crazy! Tifanny Giovanini, amazing local hair stylist, and I were working so fast. Everything turned out beautifully though. I would say this has been the most fun shoot I've done thus far.

I've included a few images below as a sneak peek of what we've been up to! There will be many more images to come including close ups of the makeup and some behind the scenes images.

Please check out the following links for the very talented photographer and designer:

Anthony Archuleta Photography:


The Urban Tree LLC:

Sneak Peek:

Let me know what you think! More images to come!