Monday, March 11, 2013

Cat Eye Tutorial Link: Lauren Conrad

ALL HAIL LAUREN CONRAD! Girl always looks flawless (except for that one episode of "The Hills" a few years back where she cried that black tear... that was gross)! But seriously, LC has amazing style and you will NEVER find her in that magazine section "Where Stars get Real" or whatever its called where you see various celebrities with no makeup, no spanks, and wearing food smeared sweatpants.

What I like best about LC is how she does her makeup. She somehow manages to look timeless yet trendy. She has her own individual style and it is working for her!

Image Courtesy of

Look at that flawless winged liner! Girl has skills.

I am obsessed with cat eyes for nights out on the town, and my girlfriends are always asking me how to achieve this tricky look. I usually sit down with them and give them a private lesson, but not anymore... 

This morning I was catching up on my blog reading and was on my favorite site: Possessionista, reading an interview with Sarah Herron, style goddess from this season's "The Bachelor." As Sarah is talking Dana through her daily beauty routine she mentions that she learned how to do the perfect cat eye from a Lauren Conrad tutorial on The Beauty Department. From now on I will refer all my friends striving for this classy look to this website. The tutorial is short, easy to follow, and even allows for mistakes. What could be better???

Thank you Lauren Conrad! You are amazing!