Monday, March 26, 2012

Locks of Love

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to quickly about a really important cause that I'm totally behind! Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that accepts hair donations to make wigs for children with medical hair loss (ex: resultant from chemotherapy for cancer patients). It's really easy to donate and you can change a child's life so easily.

My cousin is a nurse for cancer patients in Omaha and she said she's seen the tears of happiness when the kids receive wigs and  feel beautiful and normal again. How could you not want to be a part of that?!!?

Minimum donation is a 10 in ponytail (non-bleached hair). I've attached the website for anyone interested in learning more about the organization and donation guidelines. If you have long hair, please consider it! It'll feel better to have short hair for summer anyways ;) My boyfriend and I both just chopped off our hair to donate and would love to start a trend and get a lot of people to do the same! If you decide to donate send me a pic of you holding up your ponytail and I'll post it on the blog!

Locks of Love Mission:
Hair Donation Guidelines:

Spring Captured

On Friday I did shoot 1/4 with Erin Ashley Devine, uber talented florist. Our mission for this shoot was to capture spring. Erin created an amazing floral hairpiece and moss collar fit for a goddess. I did hair and makeup to match. This was also my first time helping out behind the camera as art director. Overall I think the shoot went really well and I'm looking forward to our remaining 3 seasons... Winter is up next!

These are the photos I took with Instagram on my phone. Real photos from the shoot will be posted soon including close ups of Erin's dewy spring makeup by yours truly! When I post the close ups I'll also let y'all know what colors/brands were used for our spring goddess.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Product Obsession!

OMG I can't believe I haven't ever used this stuff before! It's called Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion and it is absolutely amazeballs! It reflects light to give your skin a subtle glow... that flawless look you see in airbrushed photographs! It also tightens skin to make you look thinner, firmer, and flawless. I put some on my cheeks before contouring my face with bronzer (like I do everyday) and my skin looks flawless! I've read some other blogs where MUAs have said they use it on model's legs and arms too to help tighten them up for photographs. I'll try that out once we get to summer and I'm wearing tank tops and shorts again!

Check out the website! It comes in 8 fl oz portions in 5 skin matching colors.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Customize Your Look... JUST FOR YOU!

So today I was playing around on the internet and was checking in on InStyle Magazine (I LOVE to vote on their Look of the Day) and came across something really interesting and exciting! They had an online gallery under the Makeup section of "20 Most Annoying Beauty Problems Solved." I was all about it. Most of the stuff seemed pretty obvious to me, but then I got to page 7: "My favorite products keep getting discontinued." Seriously... what a pain in the butt! I hate that! You find the perfect lip color, cheek color, brow color, eye shadow, whatever and integrate it into your daily routine, then when you go to buy the same thing again, it's off the shelf! InStyle proposed a solution: Three Custom Color Specialists. I followed the link and checked out their website and it's completely true! They can recreate the exact color you're looking for! They also can custom make colors specifically for your face. For all y'all out there that aren't colorists and struggle with not knowing what will look good on your face, you will LOVE this site! I tried out the site to try to see how much it cost and it wasn't really all that expensive. I mean, a little pricier than just going out and buying what you're looking for, but it's being custom made for you so I think that's to be expected.

To show the price variance, I'll walk you through my test run of the site. I used to have this Smashbox lipstick that I loved for summer nights out: Candid. Discontinued :o( So I plugged it into the Three Custom Color Specialists site and they found it! Someone else had ordered it in the past. They then gave me the offer of going on good faith or sending them a sample to make sure they were matching the correct color. Since this is just a test run I ignored this step. They could send me two tubes for $60. I then went to the Smashbox Cosmetics website to compare to their normal prices (for colors still available) and they run between $19 to $22 per tube. So let's say I wanted 2 tubes of the Photo Finish Lipstick with Sila-Silk Technology (My favorite); it would run me $44. So really not a huge price upgrade to have it custom made in my discontinued color... AMAZEBALLS!

Check out these sites and see for yourself. I'm so excited!

InStyle Mag "20 Most Annoying Beauty Problems Solved" -,,20514475_20560208_21104641,00.html

Three Custom Color Specialists-

Just a reminder that I am a lover of Smashbox Cosmetics. If you're interested in checking them out you can find them at most major beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta, Or you can check out their website:

Happy Makeuping!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Featured in BESTSENNYI- HMUA Mag by Anthony Archuleta

Hey friends! Check out BESTSENNYI Magazine by Anthony Archuleta- Beautiful, vivid photographs taken by Anthony are gorgeously bound and available to you! This mag highlights the work of hair and makeup artists that have worked for Anthony over the past year. You can see my work on pages 22-25.
Print copy: $11.60
Digital: $2.00
* Free digital copy with print purchase *

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Date Set 1/4 Shoot with Florist Erin A. Devine

I mentioned earlier that I'm doing a really different shoot for me soon. This time I'll be working with Erin A. Devine, floral goddess! She is doing floral hair arrangements for the four seasons and I will be doing makeup to compliment. I'm really excited because there is opportunity to be really creative and do whatever I feel! So the first of four shoots is happening on the 23rd of this month. Can't wait to share photos with everyone!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Denver Pin-Up Competition 2010

Hey everyone! I was looking through my portfolio for some stuff to put on the blog and came across some face crops from the 2010 Denver Pin-Up Competition. These are by Tatiana Timmons, another amazing local photographer. She and I are tossing around some ideas and hope to work together again soon so hopefully we will have some more amazing images to post!

Business Cards In!

My business cards showed up this weekend and they look awesome! VistaPrint really does a good job and for an extremely reasonable price. Check them out!

I also got invited to do an awesome shoot coming up soon! It's for Erin Devine, amazingly talented MA Landscape Architecture student and freelance florist. She's doing floral pieces for each season of the year and I'm doing the makeup to go with each season. Can't wait for this project! It's going to be so much fun!

I'll get up some more pictures soon. I'm doing makeup for a girls night out party next week and have some more shoots coming up too.