Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shaun Upton Crise

Isn't he spectacular?!!? This is from the same shoot, but different hair and makeup. I lined his eyes with a really soft charcoal smudge powder for a "going out" look. I also changed his hair to a sleek look with a heavy part. This was shot at Tooey's Bar in Denver. They were awesome for letting Shaun climb up on the pinball machine and foosball table so we could get some amazing shots!

Photographer: Anthony Archuleta
Model: Shaun Upton Crise
Hair, Makeup, Styling: Kate Ninneman

Monday, April 9, 2012

Shaun in the Sunshine

Here is another photo from our shoot last friday. It didn't make the storyboard but still is a fantastic shot!

Photographer: Anthony Archuleta
Model: Shaun Upton Crise
Hair, Makeup, Styling: Kate Ninneman

Laundry in the City by Anthony Archuleta

Anthony posted on his blog too about our awesome photo shoot on Friday. Check it out and follow him too!

5 Picture Photo Essay by Anthony Archuleta

On Friday I had the opportunity to do a really fun shoot with Anthony Archuleta, one of my favorite local photographers. This was for a 5 image photo essay project and we had so much fun! Model Shaun Upton Crise was amazing to work with! He really pushed his boundaries and worked it for us.

At this shoot I did more than just my usual Makeup MagiK. I was also responsible for Shaun's hair and styling. His hair was really difficult to do because it was baby fine! I think I must've used an entire can of hairspray and Got 2b glue... Poor Shaun probably still has crusty hair (3 days later)!

On his face I used almost all elf (eyes lips face) products including: "Joy" mineral blush, Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in "Warm Tan," "Wild Wheat" and "Butter Cream" eyeshadows, eye primer, and I highlighted his cheeks (as well as arms and chest) with Shimmering Facial Whip in "Toasted." I also used a CoverGirl TRUblend mineral powder in "Translucent Medium" to help make his cheekbones stand out and hide any sweat he might've worked up during all his hard work!

The photos turned out amazing! Check them out and let me know what y'all think!

Photographer: Anthony Archuleta
Model: Shaun Upton Crise
Hair, Makeup, Styling: Kate Ninneman

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Katie Etcheverry

Some of my first posts were images from a shoot with Anthony Archuletta, one of my favorite photographers in Denver, that featured three amazing models: Anthony Robert Guerrini, Ramona Matea, and Katie Etcheverry. Well... I just wanted everyone to know that Katie Etcheverry's website is up and running... and looks FANTASTIC! Follow the link below to see the work of one of Denver's most talented young models. I really hope I get the chance to work with her again soon... she is a rockstar!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Thank you Pinterest... You are an organizational godsend!!!!! Please check out and follow my MUA Inspiration Page. These are images I have found online (or on Pinterest) and am in love with/inspired by!

Polyvore- See Post Below!

So I just joined this site called Polyvore and it is awesome! You can create different looks specifically for you. It's an awesome way to organize your thoughts and see what looks good together. It's also great to see it all in front of you so you know what is just right and what accessories push the look over the edge into WHOA WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON! They also have a section that you can add beauty products too... my dream come true! Enjoy my summer looks I've created!

summer love